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  • 1. Creative aptitude, Passion and enthusiasm
  • 2. Flexible once operating in a very team patience
  • 3. Good presentation skills and certainty to sell and justify ideas to colleagues
  • 4. Time managing skills and therefore the ability to address many comes at a time
  • 5. Truthfulness and focus to detail
  • 6. Being receptive the feedback and willing to form the changes to your thought

Understand however the digital mediums can amendment the character of brand name communication forever and why ancient advertising can simply not cut it.

Have seen The Social Network and perceive that startups aren't as attractive as within the film.

However they certain cause you to learn and grow.

Have done something: by going out of their daily routine life.

Want a point chance with Digital Prakatana, as a result of you perceive that startups area unit the simplest places to achieve the supreme growth within the shortest amount of your time.

Highly resourceful: fancy the chance to not perpetually have things told to you, however that you just area unit actually vital enough to form opportunities.

  • 1. Have expertise in Business development / sales roles (Fresher’s also welcome)
  • 2. Brilliant confidence and communication skills
  • 3. Convincing skills and high-quality presentation
  • 4. Should be a whizz-kid and really proactive
  • 5. Good time-management and private management skill